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August 28, 2010


I have been away for a few days, visiting my wonderful son at school.  So imagine my dismay this morning when I started catching up with the blogs I follow to find that someone has altered my heart step card base that I gave away by addding some text to it and calling it their own!!!!
Now, I know it is my card bacause I downloaded it and imported it into SCAL on top of my own card base, and it is 100% the same....down to a tee! And, I have emailed this person, asking that she please alter her post and give credit where it's due. I think she is a nice lady, and may have only made a mistake by not doing so already. Hopefully she will do what is the right thing.
Until then, I'm going to stew about it a little more (maybe my second cup of coffee will help!).
I promise to be back later with something for you! Probably tomorrow morning! :)
Hope you have a great weekend that started better than mine!


  1. That is just horrible Cheryl... I hope you get thid staightened out...

  2. Oh My Goodness! I don't blame you for being upset! Creating decent files that cut well is very challenging and time-consuming and it took a lot of nerve to claim your work! ANYONE can created SVG's but to make GOOD ones takes time, patience and a lot of work! I'm glad you called her out on it and I hope it was fixed!

  3. Oh no. I hope that it works out and was some sort of mistake. If not that at least it is corrected.

    Hope you had a good visit with your son though.

  4. How sad...sorry it happened...I hope it was just a senior moment and she just carelessly did it. I try to be careful myself. If I use something and can't remember...I say it and even ask people if they know to tell me. I hope, at least, you visit with your son was positive.

  5. That's too bad, but I'm sure she'll do the right thing....BTW love your files! :)

  6. I love your files, and have created some myself now how time consuming it is to do them. You are gracious enough to share them with us all for free, the least people can do is give credit. I hope she does the right thing! Hugs!


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