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September 29, 2010


Hi, everyone!
I wanted to let you all know that I will be away from a computer for a few days, and once I'm back, I will have to pack my belongings to move to another state (finally!). I will not have internet access again until approx the 15th of October. I'll catch up with everyone then! I promise! :)
In the meantime, Happy Crafting!!!!


  1. Best of luck! See ya when you get back!

  2. Were going to MISS YOU!!!!!!!! Have a safe trip, safe move and enjoy decorating your new place!!!!!!

  3. Bummer for me not talking to you but I'm happy you finally get to move and start settling in to your new digs!

  4. Miss you and hoping that everything is going well.

  5. Best of luck to you! I remember our out-of-state move like it was 3 years ago!


I read and enjoy every one of your comments! Thank you so much!