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September 12, 2010

BIG Project I'm working on...Sneek Peak!

I know I was going gang-busters with posting almost daily freebies, but I'm working on a really BIG project for my son's school. I have the "base" of one part of the project completed so I can take it to the school tomorrow to talk details with the powers that be there. I will be gone for a couple days, visiting my son at school. He has an at-home soccer game tomorrow, and I'm dropping off a trailer full of donation goodies to the school while I'm there.
I'm happy I am going to be spending the night at my favorite bed & breakfast, and when I called for my room reservation, Karen, the wonderful 'hostess-with-the-mostest", said I am going to be the only guest tomorrow, so I will have complete peace and quiet! Yay!! :)
Anyhow, here is a sneek peak at my latest volunteer project. Come back soon for more details, and a BIG SVG File Download for Free, to create your own!
Can you guess what this is??
Happy Crafting, everyone!
I'll be back Tuesday night to catch up on the latest and greatest with you all! 


  1. Good for you for doing so much for your son's school. I'm sure that they love you! Oh, your BIG project is exciting - I could guess what it is, but that'll take fun out of everyone else, so I'll keep it to me and wait for the completed project post! Have a great little getaway - so jealous, sounds like exactly what I need!

  2. I can't comment on the finished project, for whatever reason, but it is awesomer! The details, textures, everything!... Fabulous! :-D

  3. It took me a minute to find the comment box -- but I wanted to THANK YOU for the cute pennant SVG. Also, thanks for the inspiration - I love those fall cuddly critters. I haven't even unzipped the file yet, but now I can't wait!
    Cheers, Karen
    alteredscrapbooking dot com


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