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September 8, 2010

Blog Award

Awwww.....Thienly is so sweet to have awarded me this blog award!  You can check out her amazing projects on her blog, Mod Paperie.
And what I'm supposed to do now, is .........
State 3 Things That I Love....
First, and foremost, my family. Who doesn't love their family, right?! :)
Also, I love to create....anything! Color has such an ability to affect mood, so whatever I create often ends up being a reflection of me, not just by what it "is" I create, but by the colors I use. The third thing I love is the feeling I have when I complete something. It can be anything I've completed from finishing a card to completing all the laundry that needed washing in the house. It's an awesome feeling.....knowing that I started something.......and then completed it. I know that sounds odd. It probably stems for going through a period in my life when I left a lot of things incomplete and unresolved. Thankfully I've moved past that stage; otherwise, I may never finish a card, even! LOL! 

The next thing on the list of things to do for receiving this blog is to
Post a Picture I Love
This is my crazy, funny, over-the-top son, Kyle. I took this photo of him, coming off the soccer field after a game last fall, at his school. I love it because he has a youthful look on his face, smiling and happy, but it is also the point when I realized just how much he has grown in the past few years. It's the one picture of him I have that when I look at it, reminds me that he is now a young man. I'm a proud, gushing mom, what can I say?! 

The last thing I have to do with this award, is
Pass It On!
So, I am going to pass this award on to
Cely - from Creating In Carolina. She is amazing! And she's a great friend that I've made in the cyber-world! She makes some incredible svg's, turns them into gorgeous cards, and is a fab writer with an incredible wit! So......what are you waiting for?! Go check her out!! And...hey! Don't forget to check out the challenge she has going on right now! You could win a free svg collection from!
I'm also awarding this to Amy, over at Amy's SVG's & Other Scrap Stuff. Talk about talent! This girl has it, hands down! Go see her blog for great handmade collage gift ideas, super cute ways to use Creative Charms (she's on their Design Team - you'll see why!), and some really great scrapbook layouts and ideas!
Another well-deserving recipient is Stacie, over at Hestia's Helper. She rocks! Seriously! I would never kid! (Okay....maybe I would, but not right now).  She can work a colored pencil like no other, and she's funny, too! (I love funny.....have you picked up on that?) Check her out! 
I really need to pass this on to Cindy, too! She has a blog that she calls "I Scrap My Way". Now......that's the kind of title that makes me want to raise my fist and shout, " YOU GO, GIRL!!" 
Hahaha! (I know......I'm a dork!) She does digital scrapping, and she also makes some really cute cards! recently, she made a gift bag that I totally fell in love with! It was just too, too cute! Oh....and she's in Germany! A girl after my own heritage......uh....I mean heart! :)
Lastly, and certainly not least-ly......I'm awarding this to Celeste, at Touched By A Butterfly. Now, I know she was already awarded this by Thienly, too (as was Cely), but.......Celeste is like "THE MOM"! Really, you just have to know her to understand! She does the most amazing things for her kids and family! And, her son is also in NJROTC, so...........we have that! :) She's a very giving, loving she has some talent, so go see it! :)


  1. Oh Cheryl you are such a sweet heart...Thank you soooooo much for this... Yeah two in one day......Such a sweet things you said about me....
    Congratulations on the award you so deserve it.... I love the picture you posted...

  2. Of course, it figures, I can't think of one snappy thing to say! I'm overwhelmed! THANK YOU!
    It's the first time I've ever gotten any sort of award and it really means a lot coming from you!

  3. Thanks so much Cheryl! I appreciate the blog award and your very kind words!


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