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November 23, 2010

A lightbulb went off.......

I have been doodling since I was a kid, as most of us have. While at work, probably ten years ago, I had drawn up a little Christmas ink sketch while I was "thinking". I had saved the sketch in my file box, and recently, while working on some cards, a lightbulb went off! I spend all kinds of time "collecting" other peoples digi-stamp images, and here in my own hand, I had a Christmas digi that has never been "seen"! So, I dug out my sketch, scanned it into my computer, resized it to fit a card, and........Voila! Here it is, printed, colored with pencil. and ready to send!
(Sorry, no freebie today. I am working on an svg freebie for this weekend, though! :))


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