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December 24, 2010

Long baking day!

Today was a long day on my feet - a lot of baking! Seven dozen cookies later, my back aches, my feet hurt and are swollen, and I look like I just came out of battle! hahaha! I suppose you could say I did, as I had a difficult time maneuvering around the kitchen. This is the first time I've spent in this house doing some baking since we've been here. The kitchen counter space is minimal, and the space I have is chopped up. I baked a banana bread this am, and it was a total disaster! I ended up filling one of my baking dishes too high. It spilled over the edge and burned on the bottom of the oven. It stunk horribly, but we aired the house out, so now that is better. The breads didn't make it - I'm not certain if the oven doesn't cook well, or if I just messed up somehow, but the two loaves I had in there have passed on to "Bread Heaven".
Anyhow, the cookies survived! Yay! I made three dozen white chocolate macadamia cookies and four dozen chocolate chip with walnut cookies. I wrapped up half of each in some bags (made by me!), placed a hand-painted cookie plate in a basket along with three handmade goat milk soaps I had purchased at Shipshewana on my last trip. This is all for my landlord, his wife and daughter. They're wonderful people, and we are blessed to have such great landlords, so I thought I'd show my appreciation this season in the form of yumminess! :)
The big cookie bags I made are from Big Boutique Boxes. Mary totally hit a home-run when she created this thing! It rocks! Super easy to put together!
The small bags that I wrapped my soaps in are my 2-5-7-10 Bag SVG.  I used some cute Debbie Mumm Papers for all of them.
Well, enough from me. It's past dinner time! :)
Happy Holidays, Everyone!!

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