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July 22, 2011

A House Project

Yesterday I spent some time putting some etched vinyl film on the old glass of my front door in my living room. The door is beautiful, but the glass is original, wavy glass, single pane, and has zero insulation or privacy factor to it. The door could use some refurbishing, seals, hardware, etc....but since we rent, I can only do so much, right?! Well, this was my solution to the lack of privacy from this door.
Here are some "before" photos, from the exterior and interior.
And here's my "after" shots

It was tough to get a good photo from the inside, but here's the one that turned out the best.
So, if you ever wondered if the vinyl film that the big-box home improvement stores carry looked decent...I'm here to say "YES!" :0) I love it, and it even says there is some insulation factor to this stuff, so we'll see how that goes!
Thanks for stopping by! More cards for challenges later today!


  1. Cheryl
    What a gorgeous door!!! You certainly made it come to life. Great job.

  2. Wow that's a huge transformation. Maybe I'll do some of that on my front sidelight windows since I love the light coming through to much to put down the shades and I've never gotten around to making stained glass inserts for them.

  3. You should share this with remodelholic and sites like!

  4. Love your remodeling job. Very beautiful and still kept the authenticity of the door.


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