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July 16, 2010

New blog look!

So, I played around with the look of my blog today - I'd be happy to know what you think!
I used for the header and design, and then I added to the header with a digi-scrap kit from Shabby Princess. I'm not sure what I think of the header, just yet, so if you come back in a couple days and it's different, I changed it! lol!!


  1. Just my two cents, but I love it! I think it's light and rustic and pretty.

  2. I thought it changed. Something else changed because i couldn't reach your blog through my blog. I think the screen is VERY pretty and I love the header....done in very good taste. My header doesn't match everything else, but I love the beach. Stay with this for a while..I love it!


I read and enjoy every one of your comments! Thank you so much!