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August 19, 2010

AIN'T TOO PROUD TO BEG know what? I hate to be beg, but really, folks......a little LOVE in the form of a quick comment when you download a free file is all I ask! Seriously! The Pumpkin Steps file has been available for less than 12 hours, and it has been downloaded 24 times, and only four comments!! COME ON!! How am I supposed to know who was here, who is downloading, and what you think if you don't leave me a comment? You know who you are.......
Even a quick "TY" would be nice....I even have the word verification feature turned off, so it's not like you have to wait for that.
Please, please, please..........if you're downloading my files, leave me a comment so I know who you are. I do go through my blog and visit others that have visited me! So, again, show some LOVE!!!
Just sayin'........................


  1. I hear you and I feel the same way. Understand completely!!!!!!

  2. You're right and sometimes we have to be reminded. I admit that I am guilty at times also. Sorry and Thank you for sharing your talent!!!

  3. Well I haven't downloaded any of your files, but I love to visit your blog. So I'm gonna send you some scrappy love anyway!

    As I don't have a blog I can't leave a stamp but PatsyR is the name.

  4. i dont have a blog either but i sure love yours thanks for everything


I read and enjoy every one of your comments! Thank you so much!