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November 8, 2010

New Look, New Library of SVG's!

Hi, everyone!
I have spent some time today on my blog, as you can see! It has a new look, and I have added a library of links to the free SVG files I have offered in the past. You can find it in the left column of my blog. As I create and share an SVG, I will add it to this list. That means no more one week expiration date! :)
If you ever have any problems with the files, or the links, please contact me so I can fix them for you!
Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back soon with something new I've been working on.
Happy Crafting!


  1. I love your new look! That list is very nice, makes it much easier! Thanks for putting in the time and effort! (-:

  2. Wow, that is very nice of you! I like your new blog design.

  3. I see you have been a busy girl...looking great!

  4. This is great! Thanks for the svgs. Rosie

  5. I like your new look -- you've been busy. Thanks for creating the library that doesn't expire. That is such a helpful thing to do, and so generous to share your work.


I read and enjoy every one of your comments! Thank you so much!