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December 1, 2010

Not good, not good.....

Well, there has been some hard, consistent rain here the past day, and this morning we have 6-8" of water in our basement. Many of you know that I recently moved (not even two months ago). We had many things still boxed, and we were storing the basement!! So, short story is this: I've only had four hours of sleep, my husband is out of town this week, my landlord's family is dealing with a very ill parent, and life is looking pretty murky today...similar to the water in my basement! Ugh........


  1. OMGGosh...this is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know some things just can't be replaced with money, but I hope you had renters insurance. This is absolutely terrible! I'm so sorry!!!

  2. OH NO!! Cheryl Ann, I'm so sorry to hear of this! There's really not a lot we can do when Mother Nature puts her mind on something! Try to get a little rest when you can! Save what you can of the things in the basement, and good luck getting the water cleaned out! I hope it goes quickly and you'll be back on Sunny Sides in no time!

  3. Oh Cheryl I am so sad... This is absolutely terrible for you to have to deal with...

  4. Hi I'm so sad to hear about your un-happy adventure. My thoughts are with you. Tammy W

  5. Cheryl,
    I am so sorry. I have been through two floods and a is no picnnic and my heart is with you! Rest and know we are keeping you in our prayers. It is just soo much work. Rosie


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