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January 19, 2011

And the winner is.......

Stacie Gorse
Congratulations, Stacie!
I'll have the box of goodies in the mail for you as soon as I have all your address info!

Thank you so much, everyone, for joining and playing along. There were some duplicate posts, and a few people that posted that did not qualify because they are overseas, or because they never posted the blog button on their blog. I just wanted to tell you that because the number of comments on the posts do not match the number on my generator - this is why. I think it's only fair to follow all the rules, and for those that did it would not have been fair  had I left those that didn't in the list. 
I have some more goodies lined up for future candy, but it will be a little while before that is posted.
Happy Crafting, everyone!


  1. Congrats to Stacie! This was fun Cheryl Ann, can't wait to do another. :)

  2. Congratulation ARE going to share aren't you! Well, at least, make fun things and share with us your creations on you blog....haha

  3. YAY Stacie! Fun candy Cheryl and Stacie will use it well ;)

  4. Yay me!! I am so excited! This is a GREAT prize and I can't wait to cut some of Cheryl's SVG's with my new paper! (-: FUN FUN FUN!!
    Thank you, Mr. Random, MWAH!

  5. Hooray! Received my package TODAY!
    Can I just say, I laughed at the postage and am planning to post a picture of the envelope! You are SO funny! To those reading along: she put 17 stamps on the envelope, then had the postmaster put on a sticker that said "Postage $0.00"... You'll have to see the pictures when I get them taken, uploaded and posted! (-:

  6. Ummmm....yeah....that would be my not-so-bright postmaster that did that stamp thing. LOL!!! That IS funny, though! I took it in to the post office, paid them to run it, and then left. I can't believe they didn't just stick the postage meter label on it!! Oh well.......just glad you have it!


I read and enjoy every one of your comments! Thank you so much!