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March 17, 2011

Let's Go Fly a Kite! A freebie svg!

Hi, everyone! Just a little quickie today! hehehe! There's a lot going on around my house - I've been moving my craft room from one area of the house to another and putting things together for the Blog Candy chain, so it's pretty messy around here! There are four or five men in my front yeard making all kinds of noise and scaring my dogs.'s very humorous to watch them cower under the desks and in the corners. The men are here to cut down a 75 foot tree that sits right next to the road, and it's dropping all kinds of dead tree "goodies" all over my vehicles. In the summer time, it ends up dripping sap. Yuck.....
So, that's oming down! Yay! My landlord is also outside with his tractor, cutting up sod to make way for some concrete sidewalks that are desperately needed here (it's very muddy....VERY muddy! I love all this hub-bub, but will be happy when it's over!
I've been daydreaming about the end result, looking out the windows at the finally-sunny skies. It brought me to creating this little svg for you today. The kite svg has little bows for the tail, as well as the kite cuts I used, but I changed my mind and decided to use some emroidery floss on my card this morning. I have to say, this is a messy card......lots of mis-aligned parts and pieces,  glue smears friom me not being very careful, and I tore my top kite piece when I was taking it off my mat this am.....oh well! I'm still a dreamer, and going to continue to envision my cleaned up yard! hahaha!
The svg file contains the bottom layer of the kite, top layer and four bows for the tail.
It can be found on my sidebar. 
Happy crafting, everyone! I hope you have a wonderful, sunny day!


  1. I remember wanting to fly kites at the beach and in college. Now I just want to watch a kite and make a pretty card like yours....haha thanks for the svg

  2. Love the kite! Such a cheery card. Thanks for sharing!

  3. The kite is so cute. thank you


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