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March 21, 2011

Vellum - Stained Glass & Blog Candy Reminder

Hi, everyone!
Yesterday I played with vellum......and more importantly, trying to print on it with my inkjet printer! I'm glad to say, I did not make much mess, and only ruined one 4x6 piece! Yay! Little waste makes me happy!
Here's what I made
(Click image to enlarge)
It's a bookmark, and I took the photo before I added a piece of green ribbon to the top of it. Since the ribbon isn't the focal point here, I posted anyway...hehehe!
Here's how I did this:
First, I cut my vellum to 4x6, and then I used some vellum adhesive, by Glue Dots Brand Adhesives, on approx. 1/4" across the top of my vellum to adhere it to a 4x6 piece of white card stock. With the glued edge of the vellum facing downward, which is what my printer requires for the printable side of the paper, and in the position to be the first part of the paper that the printer catches, I placed it in my paper tray. 
I colored the image in PSE, and then printed it out and set it aside to dry for approximately an hour.  The glue dots for vellum allow for you to pull it off the white card stock because they aren't super sticky. 
Once the image was dry, I then placed it on my foam stamp mat (you can also use a mouse mat), right side down. In the spaces I left colorless, I used a stylus to dry emboss it, and then I outlined the colored areas with the stylus. Turning it right side up, I then traced all of the black lines of the image with my stylus. After I had that done, I used my vellum glue dots to adhere it to a white piece of card stock.  I made a mistake by adding adhesive to the entire backside of the vellum: what I should have done was just the edges. It looks a little wrinkled where it should be popped off the white card stock more, and that's my adhesive boo-boo at work!
While the inkjet printer does work okay if you give your image plenty of time to dry, a color laser printer that has a vellum setting works the best (aside from using markers, that is). I had done an image before this one with my SU markers, and the color looked just as good as printing it out, but the markers are watercolor and had to dry for a long time, too. 
Thanks for stopping by to see what I was experimenting with today! If you haven't already, stop by to enter to win some BLOG CANDY that I have! I'm cleaning through my craft stash, and this is my second blog candy, and as soon as my follower list hits 225, I will draw a winner....AND I will be posting another BLOG CANDY! :0) You won't want to miss it.......the next one is something to help YOU organize your craft space! 
Happy crafting!


  1. This is very pretty Cheryl Ann! I love using vellum for my projects.

  2. This is beautiful Cheryl! I am so glad you posted this today. I have been trying to think of a way to make a "stained glass" window for an album - why didn't I think of vellum? Perfect! Amazing how sometimes by fellow bloggers seem to read my mind :) Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  3. I'm just now seeing this on your really turned out pretty. All the instructions sorta scar me, but I know you are just trying to give us every step so we don't mess up and I really appreciate that. It's so so pretty!


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