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March 10, 2011

Frannie Farmer needs advice!

Hi, everyone!
I have a question for you all........when you use large stamps, like the one on this card, do you size your card larger than 5x5. or .....? What do you do with them? I had such a hard time with a card layout for this image! I love how her coloring turned out, but the card layout does not make me happy. So, I am looking for advise on my next one with her (and some other larger SU retired ladies I have - Nellie the Nest Lady, Betsy the Bee Keeper, Winter Wilma - love them ALL!).

I colored Frannie in with some watercolor pencils, and then I used my water brush on her. (Scroll down for a post about this pencil from yesterday). I'm not sure I'm digging (no pun intended here) the layout - what say you?


  1. I love the stamp, but agree the stamp itself is rather large. I have a few stamps that I had trouble with due to size. Just a thought and lords knows I can be totally wrong, but don't put her on anything but the green and add the embellishments to her rather than the card. E.I. ...cut out her basket, the chickens, pigeon, hat and maybe the tomato seed packet and make them 3-d....then weave some jute or straw for ribbon and that's it. Love her and love the layout tremendously but use a smaller image. so thanks for layout idea....can't wait to's super too.

  2. I was going to suggest, like Cely, to stamp it a few times and pop out layers.

    The other thing to think about is scrapbook pages.
    She'd be really cute on a page about gardening.
    Lately, I've been feeling the "pull" to start scrapping again, and to me, this image just screams to be put on a big page! (-:

  3. What super fun colors on this one! I love the image! Great little details!

  4. She is such a cute image - and you know I'm not a stamper, but I'm thinking of today's less is more challenge - off the edge. ( Some of those entries where they are just using part of the image look really cool.

  5. Really cute stamp. Just a thought as I am relatively new to this stamping, cricut, scrapbooking stuff- if you have a scanner and image editing program, you could stamp her, scan her into a photo program and scale her down for print. Donna


I read and enjoy every one of your comments! Thank you so much!