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October 25, 2009

New Hat

Hi, everyone!

This weekend I spent my time with Kyle at HMS. They had a weekend "off", and because he did not want to come home, I went to visit him. :) (He hates the bus rides home and back. Since it was a short weekend, I figured it would be okay for him to stay back).

One of the things that Kyle likes to do is practice his driving. I took him back on the country roads for a while this weekend, and I remembered to snap a few photos! (I usually forget!)

We also did some pumpkin carving with the other boys that were still at the school. I picked some up from a roadside wagon for $1 each! (Isn't country living great?? Can't buy them that cheap at Walli-World! er.....uh......I mean Wal-Mart!!)

Kyle wanted a cowboy hat for a long time, so we stopped a local TSC where he picked out the one you see in my photos. (Hat is courtesy of grandma's pocketbook! :) ).

It was a great weekend for this! Crisp, cool weather! I always have a good time when he and I visit (and he's growing up so fast!! SNIFF-SNIFF)

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  1. Cool hat, and I love the pumpkin with the wolves howling!! I also love your crypt that you entered in the contest. I'm the one who entered the Easter/Halloween scrapbook page. :)

    Nice blog you have here. We probably have a lot in common. Your son is in ROTC and so is my son (well, he's taking classes...not 100% certain if he's gonna join or not, but he probably will).

    And I'm in Ohio. I don't know if you're from Indiana, or where. It probably says in your profile, but I haven't gotten that far yet. I'm not online much, but I thought I'd pop over and say "hi" since you were sweet enough to make such a nice comment on my entry. :)

    Bye for now.
    Cindy Johns


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