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November 6, 2009

My very first 100% digital scrapbook layout!

I'm so excited! I have had the Adobe PE software on my computer for a year now, and just never taken any time to REALLY sit down and play around with all the cool things you can do on it. So, with some inspiration from Deanna's Hello Kitty post on the forum, I downloaded a freebie Happy Go Lucky digi kit from Scrappy Princess to play around with on my program, and this is my result! I was so happy to finally understand layering and the way effects could be used with each! It was like a giant lightbulb lit up in my head! Awesome! Oh the possibilities that lie ahead of me now!! lol! I can't wait to spend more time playing around with colors and I have to figure out how to throw a template into the mix! Woohoo! :)

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