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January 30, 2010


It has been a stressful few months: dealing with schedule changes, wage deductions and the not-so-secure job future for Chris. So I spent a couple hours at my friends house having coffee, commiserating about the economy, and laughing hysterically when her nine-year-old son decided he needed to trim his hair! (It wasn't so pretty....poor kid - it's going to be a long month for him, but....) hehehehe! 
Coming home to an empty house (with Chris on afternoons, it's become the norm) is a huge bummer. I printed up some Dustin Pike Images to color, and they turned into these two cards. I can't send the birthday cake dragon to OWH because I used Stickles, but the cupcake monkey is headed for the pile to send to OWH. :) Hopefully, someone will like him. He's so cute, I think! And he put a smile on my face, which made for a good evening on top of my yo-yo day. 

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