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July 18, 2010

Random Sunday

Hi all!
Thanks for stopping by for my Random Sunday! This is going to be my posting day that has no specific theme, or challenge. I may still include themes and challenge cards on Sundays, but Sundays are going to be reserved for "whatever" I feel like! We have to allow ourselves some flexibility, don't you agree? :)
This card is something I made using my friend, Cely's great digi-stamp. (You can visit her at Creating in Carolina, she gives away some awesome svg's that she creates, and she's incredibly talented!) I just love this little frog!
I actually had created a "Buggy" digi-paper a week ago (You can find it here), so I used it for my frog background for this card. A few other scraps, punches, and some brads and ribbon......voila! He's ready to hang out in the sun, which is where I'm headed in just a few minutes! :) Enjoy your day!!

Happy Crafting!


  1. A very content little frog...I do so love the little fellow. Tell me about the the contrast on them. ( How do I download the buggy paper?)

  2. I am loving this card.... Love all that you did with it...Cely's files are amazing....


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