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July 21, 2010

Scrap Challenge Wednesday

Melanie, at Scrappily Ever After, hosts a Scrap Challenge every Wednesday. She's doing a great job of kicking my butt into gear for creating cards for Operation Write Home to send to the troops! This is my submission to the team of gals she put together to help inspire others to create with just their scrap pile papers! This card was put together with only scrap paper!
Scrap challenge cards can include scrap papers and any embellishes from previously opened packages (for ribbon, it should come from a roll you've already cut from). 
Since our Inspiration Team has been working on the Christmas in July theme for the photo challenges that we post for on Friday's, I decided to keep using the papers I had already cut for another of my creations. Because the challenge for this is to use scraps, I'm not going to be posting a material list for these cards. I can't always remember where the papers came from. I do not organize my scraps, other than throwing them all in one box. Do you? How do you organize them? By color? Brand of paper? Theme? Leave a comment and share your ideas! :)

Happy Crafting!


  1. Great work, Cheryl! I just love the cuts on this card, it makes it look wintery but also very elegant.

  2. I organize everything by color or theme in drawers I bought at Wal-mart! I also have scrap paper by color in file drawer. I take most stuff out of the package and bag with information written on Bag or on back of stickers & Paper product. Nice Card and great use of scraps!

  3. Lovely card. I just pitch all my scraps into one happy mess of a bin.

  4. A happy mess here too. ;-) How did you cut out the trees? They are really cute.


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