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August 11, 2010

One of those days.....

I found these really great digi's that I completely fell in love with from Just Inklined. I HAD to have this one, and it was no sooner in my download file that it was on my printer! hahaha!


  1. too too cute...I love funny cards. I also love the colors you chose. I'll have to go check out Just Inklined. Did you did that background paper too!

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  3. Cely - It is one of my digipapers that I printed as a "draft" to mute the tones for this card. It is run through my CB with the Spots N Dots folder. I don't have the pack of paper listed for sale on Etsy, yet, so this is a bit of a "sneak peek"! I have a few more things to finish for it before I add it to the store. ( have a good eye! lol!!)


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