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December 22, 2010

Running with the torch!

FINALLY! I am home from my week-long jaunt across the midwest states! Yahoo!!
I had some great times visiting friends, carrying on, and "taking care of business", but it is always so nice to plop that heavy suitcase at the back door when I come back home, heave a big sigh.......and then race to my crafty space! hahaha!
As I had posted earlier this week, I am now running on the Purple Team for INKredible Amber Ink (TH)ink Tank! I was finally able to sit down this morning (although, I was more like a spring....constant interruptions).  I downloaded some fun stuff from the store to create a Valentine card (that's right.......I'm already done with Christmas crafts, and moving on! lol!)
Amber has this great little line of digistamps, and one of her characters is the Love Bunny. OMG!! Darling, darling.....Dar --- LING! I had also downloaded the awesome bg iPaper from Amber - it is equally as adorable as that bunny, and works perfectly with the image! This paper is called  I <3 Carrots. Super, duper adorable! Make sure you stop over and check it out at her online store!

My card is something a bit simple (I have to rev up my mojo, you know! Long week off makes the mama tired!). I didn't do any cutting on my Cricut for this one. I know Stacie (Hestia's Helper and fab Purple Team Member) will be disappointed, as she loves to see me combine techniques, but my poor machine is currently buried beneath a heaping pile of "craftiness is progress", as I like to refer to it. :)
I colored in the image with my PSE program. I am a non-sewer....mostly because I am too lazy to set up my machine and learn how to use it. I like the look of sewn cards, so I did a little faux-sewing along the different layer edges by making "X"'s in a tight line with my marker. hehehe - probably not the neatest, most precise "X"'s, but I'm sure they are cleaner than they would have been if I had sewn them! hahaha!
Anywhoooo....I have a full couple days ahead of me! Amber and Pam have challenged us with a task for next week, and I know it is going to take me some time, so I better step to it!
Sorry, I can not, will not share what it is, so you'll have to come back next week to see for yourself! ;)
Happy Crafting!


  1. Disappointed?? No Way!!
    I'm THRILLED!!! Just goes to prove that I made the right choice! And you KNOW it's all about ME!! (-:
    I love the gradient pink coloring on the she-bunny! You never cease to amaze me!

    And you're off...... I can see the torch glowing in the distance........

  2. OMGosh...You have been away, I haven't, you have made a card, I haven't. It's time to get my mojo back....this is darling darling darling....!!


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