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February 8, 2011

Sew Grateful & Bugaboo Challenge Entry

Hi, everyone!
I had a tough Monday, yesterday, and was so thankful for the kindness of a friend. I made this card for her today, and am going to drop it in her mailbox (she lives across the street from me).
You see, I have some terrible eye problems (it's a really long story), and because of the countless doctor visits, medications, different problems I've had and the years that it has gone on (13 years now), I am very "in tune" to my eyes and can tell the difference between an "allergy eye" and "a problem" eye in myself.
Well, yesterday afternoon I came home from my bible study, and my little princess beagle-baby decided she was going to greet me with her new talent.....jumping! Not only can this little dog hop up on her rear legs, she has learned that she can "catch air".......about a foot and a half of it, to be exact......from a standing position. (This is all with the recent prompting of my son, whom I love, but would really love to just clobber sometimes! hahaha!). Anyhow, as I bent over to put my bag down, the sweet-faced beagle decided not to wait for me to pat her head - she jumped! Sure enough, her nose landed smack in the middle of my right eye! I'm pretty ure she was jumping for the heavens because the force behind that springy bottom of hers was INTENSE! OUCH!!!!
I walked around the house a while, doing little things that needed to be done: checking mail, putting water in the dogs bowl....that kind of stuff. I had a package to wrap and take back into town to mail, so I did that, too. All the while I am thinking about how my eye really, really hurts! I had itched it (smart, right?!). I came home and looked in the mirror. it was red, like a blood bruise (probably from me itching it!), and it still just hurt like mad. I lifted my upper lid to see beneath it, thinking maybe there was a piece of puppy hair in it, or something. I could have swore I saw a cut on my sclera (the white part of my eye). E-gads! Now I am shaking....I hate when I have to deal with emergencies......I'm BUSY!! You know what I mean?! I'm thinking, crap.....I don't have TIME for this! I have to get ready to go out of town on Thursday, and the house is a mess, the dishes are piling up, my craft room needs tidying, etc, etc......anything to not have to deal with a "problem", you know?!
Well, I knew I had to do something! I called my wonderful friend and neighbor, Cynde. I said, "Cynde, I have a problem with my eye. I think it is cut, and I don't know were to go to have it checked." Of course,  living in this tiny town of 6000 people, and being new to the area (and the state), I was thinking I was going to have to go to the nearest hospital, which is twenty-five miles from my house. Cynde, though, being the non-injured, clearer thinker of us, jumps in the car, drives down the hill and picks me up, takes me into town to my doctor (Dr. McDreamy! hehehe! Think Lupo from Law & Order). He sees me right away, which I was so thankful for! It turned out I was right, there are some scratches on my cornea. I have my eye drops, the redness is gone, and I am on my way to being eye-problem-free again........and it happened fast because of my wonderful friend! She was so sweet to drop what she was doing (which was cooking lunch for her husband) to take me! I bought her lunch after we left the doctor office, and we had such a wonderful conversation!
Here's the card I made her. I'm so grateful she's my friend!
It uses one of the Jaunary Digi Club images that Jodie had put together. She has another set for February, so be sure to check it out! A great way to get some Bugaboo images at a super price!
I sure hope the rest of my week is not so traumatic! hahaha!


  1. I am sure she will appreciate this wonderful card!

  2. I'm just glad you had the presence of mind not to try to drive yourself with an injured eye and that your friend and neighbor was there to help you!
    I'm so happy you're OK and you can get to work on that "To Do List"...
    Card is adorable, by the way!

  3. Aren't good neighbors priceless? So happy you are on your way to recovery. Eyes are so important.
    Cute card and I know shw will love it.

  4. This is adorable! I love the gorgeous colors and papers! Thanks for joining us at Catch the Bug this week!
    Tammy x

  5. What a wonderful neighbor! Thank God your eye is better too! Take care my friend! :)

  6. What an adventure - I'm glad your eye is better. Cute card - I'm sure your neighbor will appreciate your gratefulness.
    Cheers, Karen


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