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March 18, 2011

Blog Candy Cleanup & A Creation

Hi, everyone! all know I'm on a trek to clean up my craft space, and have been listing some blog candy....what?? You didn't know?! check out the current candy, click HERE! :0) you know, for sure! hahaha!
Anyhow, I thought I'd share a sneak peek of some of the organizing progress I'm making.
(Click image to enlarge)
This is my new desk hutch. I love it because I've been able to put most of my small craft items on this, and they're close at hand. The other leg of the desk corner hosts my Mac. :0)
Before I had this, I had everything on book case hutches. which was still nice, but it wasn't "handy". I have very little wall space in this house, and my bookcases are on the enclosed porch area. Now I can have all of this right at my fingertips! Yay!
Here's a shot of what I did with my embellishes (brads, eyelets, dew drops, etc.....)
(Click Image to Enlarge)
I'm really, really excited to have these great little organizers! I had them in something else, which is equally as cool wouldn't fit in a drawer (stay tuned....that's the NEXT blog candy! Something to help YOU organize!). Not only is this house short on wall space, but it also means that I don't have much tabletop or counter space (no walls to put this type of thing up against!). So, this is my solution! I've never had a desk with drawers in it before, so this is one of my two new desk drawers....I feel like a kid in a toy store!! :0)
Well, enough about organizing......I still have plenty more to do, and so far, I have 5 Blog Candies ready to go! I know I will have keep checking back, folks! 
Before I go.....I wanted to share a card I put together this morning. I used an Elisabeth Bell image that I had purchased from Whiff of Joy a long time ago. I think she's cute! It was so pretty here this morning that this was perfect for the day. Now, though, clouds and humidity have rolled in, and I'm afraid I have a headache coming on. :0(  I think I'll take a break from this room and go lie down for a bit. Maybe later I'll feel better and can accomplish more! :0)

Thanks for stopping in today!
Happy Crafting, and have a great weekend!


  1. Oh I love your new desk!!!!! I wish I could have my stuff sitting out but I have an 18 mo old and a 3 yr old who would love to play with my crafts. So I have to keep every thing out of sight, out of sight out of mind I guess!!! I just posted my new set up! come see and tell me what you thinK~

  2. Wowsers! You are VERY organized. Mine started out organized, I think I need to go back and put everything away again!!

  3. Ohhh look how organized!!!! I am gonna just live vicariously thru you cuz my stuff is a mess!!! card is darling!!!

  4. This is AWESOME!!!!!!! I had a good time looking around...what are those things in long tubes in top left corner of first pic? Now I look at my room and it's a little depressing. What a go!!!!

  5. Sigh your gonna make me do it aren't you. organize my craft room. I really didn't want to work that hard this weekend. Love the way you are organized. TFS and your card is beautiful.

  6. When you're done hop over to mid-TN and work on mine please!

  7. Wow - what a big project, to organize a craft room. Your new desk looks fabulous and I'll bet you are having fun searching and editing. Lots of work, but oh - so great as you make progress!
    Cheers, Karen


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