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April 6, 2011

Playing with PSE

I have spent the better part of my day playing around with my PSE! I learned how to create my own color swatch file, so I made a file with all of the Copic Marker colors....which I am too cheap (aka "poor") to buy! I was so thrilled when I figured it out!! Once I finished that, I played around by coloring in one of the recent Bugaboo Stamps freebie images with the colors. It looks awesome on the screen, but when printed, the printer ink does not pick up some of the color depth. It still looks good, but not as good as I'd hoped (hey.....a girl can dream, right?!). lol!
Anyhow, here is what I colored
(Click Image to Enlarge)
I can't take credit for the colors used because I copied Jami from Stamp Happy! (she's part of Bugaboo's design team, and I looooove her work!!) I love that she shows what colors she uses - it helps me - I'm a color dunce sometimes! I am working really hard at shading, so I played around with the gradients and angles more today than normal. I learned a few things (all "by accident! lol!), and had so much fun! I'm going to be putting this on a card, but won't have time tonight, so I'll post that then. 
Have a great rest-of-your-day! Happy Crafting!


  1. Beautiful! Love the flower centers. What fun!!

  2. This is just darling! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  3. So cool. Congrats on figuring this out. I need play around with it too. (PSE intimidates me sometimes :)


  4. This looks awesome, Cheryl -- nicely done!

  5. Super diner fantastic....I really must practice my PSE after drooling over yours...we need another road trip for my lessons

  6. This looks amazing Cheryl!! You've done amazing coloring with PSE!! I have found that the only way to get the gradients to print worth a darn is to print on the high resolution photo/best setting....but it uses a lot of ink!


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