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June 21, 2011

More Mo.....a tip & directions for a light box

Hi, everyone!
I completed a card yesterday, and in an effort to take better photos in this dark house, I built myself a light box, too! :0)
First, for the card......
I spent some money recently......on some Mo Manning images, over at Mo's Digital Pencil! I just adore her images, and she has several little girls that are fruit themed.......this is Cherry. I colored her in PSE (practice, practice, practice I am!). I cut the image with my Nesties, and I layered her on some papers that I had in my stash from CTMH called Cherry-O!. I had been wanting to use it on something special, and I thought she was definitely worth bringing it out! I added a few Prima flowers from my ancient stash, and a few brads. A scrap piece of ribbon, and a printed sentiment......voila'! :0)
(Click Image to Enlarge)

Here's a little tip: I love my designer papers, and I hate paying big bucks for a second, third pack, when I pull out the "faves", I cut a 6"x6" square out of the paper before using it on my cards, and I scan it into my computer. I save it to a file for later use. I usually end up printing it on a 5"x7" piece of white card stock from my photo tray, and I use my photo settings when printing, so the image is rich with color. This keeps me from over-using my ink, and from using an entire sheet of card stock when I only need a piece.

Now.......the light box I made!
Here's a photo of it with the card inside, and one showing the light placement I used to take the picture of my card.
When I took the photo of my card, the top box cut out was covered with a piece of 12"x12" very pale green vellum paper. The two side pieces of vellum are white, but I didn't have any more of that and had to settle for the next best available thing in my stash. I'll have to run out for more white soon!
Here's how I placed my lamps for lighting. The brown reading lamp has a daylight bulb in it, and it isn't turned on in the photo, but you get the point! :0)
How did I make this, you ask?! Here's my instructions for you:

Supplies I used:

Cardboard Box (12" x 12" x 16") I purchased mine from Home Depot: it is their "Small" box, and only cost me $ .74

Can of Flat White Spray Paint

Double-Sided Sticky Tape

Vellum Sheets (12" x 12") - I bought mine from Joann in their loose paper sheet section. I wait for their 40% sales, so I think I paid around $ .60 per sheet.

White Posterboard - (24" x 28") - I picked thisup at Rite-Aid for $ .99 yesterday. This has to be cut to 16" x 28" to fit in the box properly.

Step 1 : Before assembling the box, I cut off all the flaps from one end of it. Then I cut the three holes - one in the long side, and one in each short side of the box. My holes were cut at 10" x 10", and I used a utility blade for cutting them. You should have approx 2" left on each side of your cut-out when you are finished with the short sides. 

Step 2: Assemble the box bottom securely.

Step 3: Using light strokes and layers, spray the inside of the box with your flat white spray paint. You don't have to focus on the box bottom, but do focus on the corners and sides. Let dry completely before proceeding to Step 4.

Step 4: Apply double-sided sticky tape around the side openings, and adhere the vellum paper to the inside of the box sides. DO NOT do this to the top hole of the box.

Step 5: Place a strip of double-sided sticky tape along the bottom front edge of the box. 

Step 6: Put the 16" x 24" posterboard  into the box. When you do this, start with the sticky-taped edge and push it back. DO NOT crease the back edge of the posterboard! Allow it to slope, leaving it "seamless" to the back side. It should also slope slightly at the top back edge toward the top box cut out. I did not apply any stick strip to the top piece, as it stayed in place nicely for me without it. You could apply it, if you prefer.

Step 7: Using your third piece of vellum, place it on the box top, position your lighting the way you want, and you're all set to take photos! :0) 

I plan on switching out my top vellum piece with different colors to filter the light for some of my images, but if you know you will only use white, then use the double-sided sticky tape to apply it to the inside of the box in the same manner you did the sides. 

Thanks for stopping by today! If you have any questions about my project, please drop me a line!


  1. Love your adorable card and the lightbox idea is great too!

  2. Great card! And I wondered how to get great photos of cards. That's an excellent idea. Thanks for sharing that.

  3. Love the Idea of a light box.. I have trouble with the Light in Pictures because my house is dark... Thanks



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