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September 3, 2011

Back to School Season

Hi, everyone!
This is the first year I don't have to rustle a kid back to school for fall! Wow! Kind of surreal! In Michigan, laws were passed a few years ago that make it so the kids don't start school until after Labor Day, so they are in full-swing, back-to-school mode there now! I imagine the stores are busy with bustling last-minute shoppers!
Paper Pretties is hosting a Back-to-School Challenge this week, and here's a little somethin' I put together to honor the "season".  No, no 'punnies' this morning.....I'm too busy trying to drink my coffee with milk instead of cream .......blech! :0(. Thank goodness the hubby has run out for some cream for me! He's such a sweet hubby!
Enjoy your day!
This is a digital card I created, for emailing to friends far away. :0) I used a digital kit called Study Buddies, from Precious Piecings. I don't think Lisa offers digital papers anymore, but she has some absolutely adorable paper piecing patterns!


  1. sooooo pretty I love it...

  2. very pretty. ... so cute....but it doesn't make me miss school anymore....haha I like substituting in the library....usually quiet! haha ( And him running out to get you cream is not down to the corner must be love!!!

  3. Not heard of Paper Piercing site....has some really cute stuff....didn't see your purchases, but I'm still looking around.


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