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January 23, 2010

Operation Write Home Package

Today I spent approximately four hours going through my many boxes of handmade cards to put together a package for Operation Write Home. I am very pleased to say that I have 87 cards, and a handful of extra envelopes to send! Not too bad, I think!
This will be my first package that I send to them, and I plan on continuing to work on cards to send in the future. This is actually a bit of a challenge for me, as glitter is a big "no-no!", and I am HUGE fan of shiny things!!! lol! But - I am pretty sure I am up to the task. :)


  1. Congraulations on your first box. Awesome.
    I found a way to use glitter I just use some zip dry or clear glue and dab it ontop as soon as the glittered image dries and use a little paint brush. It still keeps it's glittery look


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