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November 13, 2010 Monthly Challenge Entry #2

Hi, everyone! I'm still working on Christmas cards (probably will be for a while!). and this one also meets the criteria for the Monthly Challenge. Their challenge is to use elements from one, or both, of their svg collections: Santa's North Pole Workshop and Christmas Cookie Party Collection. For this card, I used elements from the Christmas Cookie Party Collection!
I cut a card base that has an attached treat box. (You can find the template and tutorial here. I will be creating an svg file for this later, but used the template and did some hand-cutting for this card).
I scored my card, per the directions, and then lined up my still-flat card stock on my cutting mat. I arranged the snowflake svg's on my virtual mat so they would show up on the front of the treat box once it was folded. I then used two of the snowflake cut-outs, applied some Stickles glitter glue (Baby Blue) and let them dry overnight. I used dbl-sided tape to adhere a piece of acetate on what is now the inside of the box part of the card.
I cut out the Snowman Cookie pieces, and layered them together. For the base paper layers, and the snowman hat and scarf, I used Stampin' Up paper called Ski Slope (retired).
I cut the scalloped label, top and bottom, for the base layers on the front of my card.
On the inside of the card, I used the Snowman Soup poem (you can find several versions of this online). I printed it out on my card stock, and to cut the scallop shape, I first cut it from a piece of blank memo paper. I line the paper up in the corners of the mat when cutting. Once the shape is cut, I layer the memo paper on top of my printed poem card stock so the print on the card stock is centered in the cut-out of the memo paper. I then line up, while carefully holding the card stock in place underneath, the memo paper back to the corner I had originally placed it on the mat. The card stock will not line up it's corners in the same place, but this will put the card stock where the scalloped label cut on the machine. (I hope this is making sense!!).
I have to pickup some candy cane sticks, and then I can finish this for my son's stocking! I will place the cocoa, a large marshmallow and the stir stick in my treat box once I have all my ingredients.
Thanks for stopping by to take a look!
Happy Crafting!


  1. Cheryl Ann, this is adorable! The background colors are terrific! And the recipe: how FUN!!!
    Thank you for the tutorial link: that gives me ideas for Holiday gifts!

    Just an FYI, and I don't "get" anything for telling you, Make The Cut now has a Version 3.0 that sets up print and cut! It's SO much easier... just import your image onto the mat, click print (it sends it to your printer), then put the printed paper on the mat and hit cut... it lines right up with no fussing!
    I've used SCAL all along, but I have to say that MTC has some GREAT features not yet available on SCAL and it's worth taking a look!

  2. Wonderful cards....

  3. I love it...i promised myself NOT to go see the challenge cards while I was rethinking what I was going to do, but I didn't think I would see them on some blogs..haha I finished both of mine...just a few last details. I love this snowman and haven't decided if I can place him on my card....he's a cutie!

  4. I loved this so much i sat and tinkered for the last hour or so and made an svg thingie for it. It's saved as a project since i don't really know how to save any other way. If you would like a copy feel free to email me at and i'll email it to you (or anyone else who sees this and wants it).

    Happy Holidays!


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