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May 12, 2011

Not so crafty.....

I have not been feeling very crafty, lately! I'm in a serious craft-mojo rut! I've managed to eek out a few svg's, but haven't seemed to be in the mode to bust into the paper piles! I have been away from home for six days, leaving the hubby on house-patrol, and now I am in the "what do I do now?" phase of unpacking my bags. (They are still waiting for me near the door.......hmmmmm......) I cleared my craft table thinking it would help me get motivated to messy it up again, but so luck. :(
Anyhow, I had gone to visit my son at school, where I had to play "discipline parent" and go through the teacher conferences. It took threatening to move into the barracks with him and spend the last three weeks in his classes with him, but he is now caught up on his work, and doing better.  Amazing what the embarrassment of having your mom with you in class can do!!
While I was away,  my wonderful hubby bought some mushroom soil for my flower beds that we are prepping for some new plants. When he spread it on the ground a huge flurry of butterflies showed up to check it out! He snapped a few pictures with my camera, and here's one of them
(Click Image to Enlarge)
He said there were probably two dozen butterflies on the ground at the same time, and this is just one area where he captured them with the camera. Aren't they pretty??
Okay - that's all from me. I was working on a simple card, using a DigiStreet Freebie : I will post it once I am finished (assuming I keep moving forward and don't sit down and fall asleep! hahaha! Being the mean mom is exhausting!). DigiStreet is Andy Bauer's new digital store! Be sure to check him out, as he is an amazing artist!!
I'll also be back next Wednesday (if not sooner) with another free svg file - Wednesdays seem to work out well for a posting schedule for my freebies for me, don't you think??


  1. Now is a good time to relax and enjoy a wee break! No need to go crazy!

  2. Cheryl
    Aren't these butterflies pretty?
    We got the mushroom soil one year and had the best mushrooms ever.

  3. There is something about a butterfly that calms the mind. I love these little critters. Like a snow flake, all similar but unique in their own way. I bet you will have good luck with your flower beds after being kissed by so many butterflies!! Thanks for sharing! Your DH was very nice to have captured them in picture for you!

  4. Oh, Cali! I had never thought of it as "kisses" from the butterflies! Cool! I love it!! Maybe it will be good growing in that area now - it was all clay before, and we are taking some out, bringing in topsoil and the mushroom soil, and hoping for the best! :0)


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